Fall Guys DOOM crossover is finally happening

Back at the beginning December, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic started teasing a new crossover with DOOM. While at first we thought this DOOM crossover was right around the corner, Mediatonic went silent on it as it turned its attention toward launching Season 3 and kicking off holiday events for Fall Guys. Fast forward to today and we've received confirmation that the DOOM crossover is finally happening, with Mediatonic revealing three DOOM-themed costumes that will be available.

Earlier today, Mediatonic published the trailer you see embedded below. The trailer shows a Fall Guys obstacle course that has been seemingly taken over by the forces of Hell. At the end of the trailer, we see three Fall Guys costumes that will be available to players: the DOOM Slayer himself, a Cacodemon, and a Cyberdemon.

Mediatonic also gave us the date that these costumes will be landing in the game: January 12th, which is next Tuesday. Unknown at the moment is if one of these costumes will be given to all players for free, but we're expecting some – possibly all of them – to be available only through the crown store. Previous crossover costumes have cost a total of 10 crowns – 5 for the top half and 5 for the bottom.

So, if you don't have the crowns on hand to buy a costume you know you'll want next week, it might be time to start chasing some wins in-game. This DOOM crossover is coming in the midst of season 3, which is a winter-themed season. Season 3 officially kicked off on December 15th, so we're definitely still in the early days of this particular season.

Fall Guys has been home to a number of crossovers since it launched back in August. We've seen a Sonic skin, Portal skins, a Godzilla skin, and even a skin based on Twitch personality Ninja. Soon, we'll be adding DOOM to that ever-growing list, and then it'll be time to start guessing about which crossover could be next.