Falcon Pro reaches Twitter's 100k token limit

Falcon Pro, arguably one of the best Twitter clients available for the Android operating system, has just reached its 100,000 token limit set by Twitter. The limit was set by Twitter back in August of last year, and it limits 3rd party apps, who utilize Twitter's main features, to only 100,000 users. Falcon Pro has hit this limit only 3 months after it launched its app, catching them by surprise.

As of right now, Falcon Pro has created a petition. The creators hope that the petition will get enough signatures to convince Twitter to extend Falcon Pro's amount of tokens. As of 8 hours ago, the petition has accumulated over 600+ signatures. Whether this helps or not is completely up to Twitter. Falcon Pro is also working on the issue of pirates. According to its stats, only 40,000 people have actually purchased its app, meaning there are 60,000 who either aren't using the client anymore, or have pirated the app.

Falcon Pro is also asking users who don't use its client anymore to revoke access to the app via their Twitter settings. This way there can be additional tokens freed up for other users. Falcon Pro has included a disclaimer in its app description warning users of the 100k limit. Hopefully it will stop users from giving the app a 1-star rating. However, it still has to deal with the refunds for people who bought the app, but can't access it.

Falcon Pro is currently finding other ways to get an extension on its tokens, and it's trying to avoid any methods that may breach Twitter's terms of service. While it's important to get more users access to its app, Falcon Pro doesn't want to jeopardize anything for its current users. So as of right now, all its users can do is sign its petition and hope that Twitter's lenient.

[via Falcon Pro]