Falcon Northwest Taps Intel X99 And DDR4 Memory

Three of Falcon Northwest's custom PC builds now have the ability to roll with the new Intel X99 chipset. You'll find Intel's first consumer-aimed 8-core processors ready to push out high-powered action with the first new memory released to the market in seven full years. That's DDR4, and it's heavy duty.

Available immediately, Falcon Northwest's Intel X99-based PCs are available with a wide variety of customizations. Three of Falcon Northwest's models are coming to the streets with Intel X99 right off the bat: the Mach V full tower, The Talon mid-sized tower, and the FragBox small form factor system.

The following list of features are included with the new motherboards Falcon has selected with the X99 chipset set as primary:

• The Intel® CoreTM i7-5960X Processor Extreme Edition with 8 cores and 20 MB cache, as well as the new Intel CoreTM i7-5930K and CoreTM i7-5820K Processors with 6 cores and 15 MB cache. Every Falcon system liquid cools these CPUs for the fastest speeds and longest life.

• Up to 64 GB of new DDR4 memory, which offers 20% more bandwidth and a 20% reduction in energy use (and corresponding reduction in heat and increased reliability).

• Ten SATA 6 GB/Second ports for connecting huge amounts of storage, all combinable into RAID arrays for added safety or performance.

• At least 6 USB 3.0 ports for the fastest transfer speeds from removable devices.

• Up to 40 PCI-Express lanes enabling configurations with multiple graphics cards to run faster than ever before.

Note that the image you're seeing above pictures the FragBox and the full-tower Mach V with Audi Brilliant Red paintwork. You can get paintwork essentially however you want it, just so long as it's wicked.

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