Faderfox DS3 sound controller for Traktor revealed

If you've got an eye for precise control over the beats you are bringing to the table and your table is already full of a billion other controller already, you may well be looking for the new Faderfox DS3, as controlling a Traktor near you. This controller is ready to work with Traktor OR whatever else you want to reprogram it to do, switching at a tap between four different devices on the fly. This controller is both ultra compact and ultra powerful in its simplicity, triggering your loops, effects, and samples with the greatest of ease.

With the Faderfox DS3, you can switch between four devices, yes, but you'll also have four multifunctional encoders. You'll have access to all of your FX, deck, and loop parameters via 6 group buttons, and dedicated FX assign buttons allow you to switch between 4 FX busses. You've got a loop recorder section with encoder and two buttons — and from here you've got an additional copy function to any of your sample slots. Then of course there are buttons galore with a selection of 12 extra large, each made for sample trigger and hotcue access.

Every single control has a secondary function when you hold down your shift button, and a total of 31 LED lights and a 2-digit display show you all the various information and feedback data from your computer. In all you've got "about 750 commands" at your fingertips, each of them open to reassignment. This unit is currently listed for sale for 210 Euros, this ending up being right around $280 USD before shipping. Sound like the controller for you, or will you go with something like the $50 Lemur for iPad? I suppose that might depend on if you've got an iPad or not!

[via Create Digital Music]