Facebook's next app grab is TagTile

The cash Facebook has on hand isn't nearly ready to run out, this evidenced by the purchase this week of TagTile, a startup dedicated to making mobile payments as easy as possible. This company's purchase comes amid Facebook changing the mobile landscape by picking up Instagram for a whopping 1 billion dollars. Neither Facebook nor TagTile have yet announced the purchase price for the latter company as yet, but in that Facebook today launched their coupon program called Facebook Offers just this morning, we're guessing it wasn't a cheap pick-up (if TagTile was smart, that is.)

TagTile has posted that Facebook is in the process of "acquiring substantially all of our assets", this including their business model which includes a device which is given out free to merchants for smartphones to tap and pay instantly with. This iconic cube or "tile" as it were is likely to get sent out quite prolifically in the next few months if Facebook's Offers program takes off. At the moment, Facebook Offers has coupons being used with the user simply showing an Offer to a clerk on their smartphone, the clerk then just entering in a code (or just saying "cool") before they give the customer the deal they demand.

Facebook isn't likely to continue dropping massive amounts of cash like this as their bundle of money now only sits around $5 billion – and they wouldn't want their spending cash gone, would they? Of course with the launch of Facebook Offers and the money beginning to roll in soon via Instagram (one way or another), this on top of the IPO opening for Facebook popping up soon as well, they might as well continue dumping out the cash. What do you think Facebook will buy next?