Facebook's Asana initiates paid Premium

It appears that the folks once responsible for pieces of Facebook's original development have taken their next project, Asana, to the next level. This task assignment and list-making environment is now able to work with more than just its first set of teams of 30 people and moves to a "Workspace" that'll cost users cash. Higher tiers include up to 50 members, 75, and 100, all starting at $300 a month. This update also includes Priority Support and Project-level Permissions for NDA and non-public sharing.

This time the folks at Asana have some celebrity backing as well, including quotes from none other than such names as Foursquare's Noah Weiss, who notes "Since Foursquare moved over to Asana, everyone — engineer, designer, bizdev, and in between — has two websites perpetually open: their inbox and Asana." There's certainly something powerful to be said about a service that makes a group of people use two services where before they only used one, finding then that multi-tasking in such a way actually improves their ability to get work done.

This Premium set of services does away with the until-now testing grounds that was the free service, here Asana bringing many added benefits for the people who wish to jump up to higher tiers of power. One added feature is Project-level Permissions which allows people to show Projects to some users and not others. Another boost is Priority Support which has customers seeing much faster responses to questions from the developers of Asana – a rather important service!

NOTE: at the moment Asana is not affiliated with Facebook in any way other than by blood, the creators of this service once having worked as integral pieces of Facebook.

Asana will continue their free service, of course, but will be encouraging people to move to the pay service for the quality craftsmanship they hope to present to the world. To grab both Project-level Permissions and Priority Support, you'll be adding $100 to your bill per month as well. Asana encourages you to continue your support of their workspace and to report any bugs as you see them.

[via Asana]