Facebook yearly review shows network's top everything

It's the time of the year when companies release their yearly trends, totals, and data. YouTube did it earlier this month, and Google just recently followed today with its own yearly trends list. Joining them is Facebook with its own totals; the social network has broken down its year based on global data and U.S. data. Included among the details are the top ten most talked about topics, with top among them them all being the US presidential election.

Facebook looked at conversations that took place over the year and tallied up the top ten topics. Looking at the global totals rather than the US totals, the top conversations were about the following:

1. US Presidential Election

2. November 13 Attacks in Paris

3. Syrian Civil War & Refugee Crisis

4. Nepal Earthquakes

5. Greek Debt Crisis

6. Marriage Equality

7. Fight Against ISIS

8. Charlie Hebdo Attack

9. Baltimore Protests

10. Charleston Shooting & Flag Debate

Rather than presenting statistics on each topic, the social network picked out notable statuses posted on the website related to each, such as Hollande's post following last month's tragedy in Paris. Beyond that top-ten list, Facebook has a couple downloads with info cards containing other lists. Globally speaking, for example, Disney properties were the top destination, with Universal Studios being second and Times Square third.

Those cards can be downloaded via the link below.

SOURCE: Facebook