Google's Year in Search breaks down 2015's biggest moments

Google has published its newest "Year in Search" results, breaking down some of the biggest moments of the year and how they played out in Google searches. The figures are parsed by country and available with global totals, and include such notable events and trends as the latest Star Wars movie, the discovery of water on Mars, the Pope's visit to America, Cecil the lion, and more.

The trends vary by region; you can view them for the US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, India, and several other countries. Many of the topics span many locations, with the rest being cards for more localized events, such as the floods in Chennai for India and the new Prime Minister for Australia.

Global trends touched on many of the most searched items found in the other categories. Star Wars, the Paris attacks, Rugby World Cup, Volkswagen emissions scandal, migrant crisis, Iran nuclear deal, Nepal earthquake, Oscars 2015, and more are all among the biggest moments for this year.

Clicking one of the cards will pull up more precise information about the trend, such as top questions searched about it, countries where the topic was most popular, search trends over the last twelve or so years, and related topics.

For Star Wars, for example, Google shows that Dark Vader is the top searched Star Wars character, with Princess Leia being second and Chewbacca third. The most asked question related to the franchise is "What order should I watch Star Wars?" and the top searched film since 2004, the newest one aside, was "A New Hope." Check out the rest of the trends here!

Google 2014 Year in Search results are in