Facebook TV-style ads tipped to appear by end of 2013

With Facebook having gone public not too many months ago, efforts such as the TV-Style Ad sales being reported today aren't as impossible to imagine as they once were. Speaking with Bloomberg today are a set of anonymous sources suggesting that Facebook is close to a deal that would begin selling TV-Style commercials, whatever that may entail, by the end of the year. These ad spots would cost a cool $2.5 million each for a full days' run on the site.

This sort of deal is not unprecedented, following sites like YouTube in creating streaming ad spots before the content they otherwise present. Here though, it's not entirely clear how Facebook would place such spots in front of their otherwise mixed set of media.

According to the information sent by the sources at hand, these video spots would last 15 seconds and would appear either over or inside a user's main Facebook news feed. These commercials are said to be prepared on a 1-day basis, with a price range topping out at $2.5 million and starting at $1 million.

What do you think about such a deal? When you head to YouTube and find yourself face-to-face with a 15 second ad-spot, do you wait around for it to finish, watch it, turn your face away, or skip the media altogether? How would you react if a similar spot appeared in front of non-video content inside Facebook?