Facebook TiVo Integration Announced

Chris Burns - Sep 22, 2011, 2:25pm CDT
Facebook TiVo Integration Announced

This week we’re getting bombarded with news from Facebook’s developer conference f8 2011, not just because Facebook has been announced to be improving and changing drastically, but because they’ve begun working with several big buckets full of businesses from all over the media world. One of the first to make a formal announcement is TiVo, this increasing the groups Social TV functionality as they update both their iPhone and iPad apps to include additional integration with Facebook. The social network’s new APIs for developers are rolling out today at f8 and TiVo appears to have been able to get on the boat early.

Users will now be able to see exactly which of their friends “like” which movies and programs they’ve watched. Users will now also be able to view these shows and videos by using the “Watch” feature, this immediately scheduling a recording or allowing you to watch LIVE based on the recommendations made by your friends. Social graphs will be fully interactive, your ability to discuss shows, movies, and online videos now simple and fully encouraged – you don’t even need to be a TiVo subscriber to chat.

A limited set of enhancements will be released immediately if not soon, while the complete set of new features will launch on the TiVo app for iPhone and iPad later this year. This will layer on top of TiVo’s current iOS experience, that being “the full complement” of TiVo functionality to to users plus real-time info on programs being viewed. Connect your TiVo iPad and iPhone apps to your TiVo DVR and blast off into Facebook-toting outer space!

Check out all the rest of our TiVo news to get in on the party, then hit up our [f8 2011 portal] for all the Facebook updates you can handle from the one and only Facebook developers conference here in San Francisco, California.

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