Facebook Timeline goes live worldwide

Facebook Timeline has gone live worldwide, the social networking giant has announced, with all users now being notified that they can activate the life-tracking activity log Mark Zuckerberg announced back in September. A chronicle of your interactions, events, photos and video from your time on the social network, Timeline has been available to beta testers, celebrities and those following sneaky hacks for a few months now.

Since the potential for revealing too much is high, Facebook has built in some extra controls around Timeline. The system will default to a seven day review period initially, giving users time to check everything that appears on their timeline before anyone else can see it. A "View As" button allows the layout to be checked from the perspective of different friends groups and non-friends, so you can ensure those slightly risque photos of you and the office photocopier are saved only for loved-ones.

There's also an easily-accessed "Hide from Timeline" option that allows you to instantly remove any photo, update or other content from the overall Timeline list. Timeline replaces the traditional profile page, but also adds an Activity Log, private to each user, showing pared down details of full activity.

You can turn on Facebook Timeline by heading here and choosing "Get It Now." More details on what it includes here, and on why you might want to think twice before activating it here.