Facebook takes on Craigslist with 'For Sale Groups'

Maybe because they're trying to get in on the Etsy racket, or maybe just because they can; either way, Facebook is now making it much easier to sell things via Groups. Today, the social giant is announcing a new feature for Groups, which will allow users to sell items in a more streamlined way, with posts that are more easily manageable and professional looking. The feature was spotted previously, with Facebook saying they were trialing it for some groups who were noticed to have been actively selling anyway.

Rather than create a set of rules to dissuade commerce via Facebook, the company embraced their community. Instead of just letting it happen and turning a blind eye, Facebook has created better management tools for goods listed on their service. Facebook doesn't even take a cut of your listing, since they don't process the payment or help with delivery or pickup.

To be part of the selling feature, Facebook does ask Group administrators to nominate their group for inclusion as a 'For Sale Group', which will give them access to this feature. Though they didn't say as much, it's likely a necessary step to make sure your group isn't involved in anything that could move illegal goods around.

If your group is listed as a 'For Sale Group', all you need to do is select the new 'Sell' button when you post. You can include a picture of the item, and even mark it sold once it's gone. Users can even see items you've previously sold.

Part Ebay, a little bit Etsy, and all kinds of cool, Facebook's 'For Sale Groups' might just end up edging out Craigslist as the go-to spot for local trading. The new features will roll out slowly over the next few months to iOS, Android, and the Web.

Source: Facebook