Facebook stumped on 80% fake ad click accusations

Facebook has pleaded ignorance to accusations of widespread fake advert clicks, saying that it is unable to replicate what one company claimed amounted to a 5:1 ratio of bot action to real users. Music platform startup Limited Run came to attention earlier this week after revealing that its own analytics suggested the bulk of advert action was fake. However, Facebook is struggling to find the same evidence.

"We're trying to work with Limited Run to investigate these claims," a spokesperson for the social network told Wired, "but we haven't received any data yet to support these claims." The two companies have confirmed that they are in talks and cooperating in investigations, though exactly what's being examined isn't being discussed; "they are researching the issues we had" Limited Run co-founder Tim Mango said, "this is all I can say."

Also left in the air are suggestions that Facebook told Limited Run that it could only change its name on the social network if it agreed to a considerable advertising spend each month. According to the company's original post – since deleted, but available as a Google cache - Facebook representatives told Limited Run that it could only do so if the firm spent $2,000 per month or more on promotions.

Monetization remains one of the big issues for Facebook at present, with the company citing advertising as a primary weak point, particularly in its mobile strategy. Facebook has also come under fire for its attitude toward developers, with Google+ chief Vic Gundotra citing the site as an example of what Google doesn't want to do in its developer relations.

[via Mike Elgan]