Facebook Stickered app arrives on iOS

On Friday, Facebook introduced its bizarre photo-defacing "Stickered" app, giving the social network's users a way to plaster their digital images with digital stickers before sharing them with friends. A short while after announcing the app, it arrived on Google Play for Android users to enjoy, but was no where to be seen for iOS users. That changed yesterday, with Facebook dropping the Apple version on iTunes; users will need to be running at least iOS 8 to use it.

The app is straight-forward to use, though a bit odd in its presentation. Stickered is its own app, but it works with Messenger to share the images with other Facebook users. Users select or snap a picture and put however many stickers on them they'd like.

The stickers can be adjusted and rotated using dragging and pinching and such. It isn't entirely clear whether Stickered will be a long-running Facebook offering, with the social networking saying that it "will be available over the holidays" — making it sound like it might disappear in due time.

The iOS app is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and is, in particular, optimized for the iPhone 5/6/6 Plus. It's lightweight at only 2MB, and you'll need Messenger in order to shuttle the images off to friends.

SOURCE: iTunes