Facebook 'Stickered' app lets you overlay stickers onto your photos

Int heir ongoing attempt to dominate your home screen, Facebook is announcing another app today. An accompaniment to Messenger, Stickered is a new app that lets you plaster stickers all over your photos before sending them along to friends via Messenger. Facebook Messenger is also getting some festive new tweaks in time for the holidays, with a "festive frame" for New Year's Eve pics as well as snow-globe chat heads. Messenger will also get a holiday inspired sticker pack in addition to it's new app.

Stickered does one thing: it puts stickers on photos. Open a picture via Stickered, plaster it with some cute little icons, then send it along — via Messenger.

If the new, standalone app weren't weird enough, Facebook's press release notes all the features will be available "over the holidays", suggesting Stickered is going away after that. The press announcement also lists Stickered as a "feature" for Messenger, even though it's a standalone app.

What Stickered does accomplish is creating an overlay for you to put stickers on your pics, where you can overlay your "I wasn't ready for that pic!" face with an emoticon, or add some cartoonish pals to the mix.

Stickered also doesn't support any other messaging platforms, but does save your newly-minted sticker-y photos to your phone's album. You can send them along via another app separately, if you like.

Whether or not Facebook is toying with stickers and pictures or creating a new platform is anyone's guess. For now, we know Stickered is coming to Android today (it hasn't hit Play Store at the time of writing), and an iOS version is "coming soon".

Update: The app is now available on Google Play.

Source: Facebook