Facebook reportedly announcing Microsoft Atlas acquisition tomorrow

Back in December, we heard chirps that Facebook was interested in purchasing Microsoft's Atlas ad server, but since then we haven't heard much about the deal. However, it's said that Facebook may announce tomorrow their official plans of purchasing Microsoft's Atlas ad server from the Redmond-based company.

While no one is really sure what the acquisition will mean for Facebook, it's possible that Facebook is simply looking to bolster up its advertising prowess, something that it already has enough of anyway. In any case, both companies plan to make the news public tomorrow, but it's also possible that the acquisition could see delays.

However, another possible use that Facebook may be after with Atlas, is the service's analytics tools can allow advertisers to track what impact their Facebook ad has had on a given conversion, which could prove useful for both advertisers and Facebook. Atlas has that tools that can provide insight into how well Facebook ads are doing.

Microsoft's Atlas actually started letting advertisers use its tools to keep track of its Facebook ads last year, but with a Facebook acquisition, Facebook will have total control, and they would be able to make Atlas tools available to all of its advertisers. However, we'll have to wait and see what Facebook ends up doing. Both Facebook and Microsoft declined to comment on the situation.

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