Facebook Reaches 1 Trillion Pageviews In June

While this might not seem like QUITE as big a deal to those of you not in the business of working online exclusively, Facebook has just reached a landmark number of page views, or "pageviews" as they're called in the online advertising world, just this past month. In the month of June, 2011, Facebook had over 1 TRILLION pageviews. Of those pageviews, 870 MILLION unique users logged on during the single month. This is beyond massive by any standard – think Google+ is going to catch up soon?

The ad network DoubleClick provides this information, DoubleClick being a subsidiary of Google and a source we're therefor willing to trust. What's interesting about the 870 million unique visitors number is that this number exceeds the amount of actual registered users on Facebook by about 120 million. Either this means a lot of people aren't signing in when they visit the site, that the site is picking up these people before they sign in for the day, or lots and lots of visits are coming in from search engines. Users or non-users, there's one who heck of a lot of people visiting the top social networking site in the world.

In fact, according to the data, the site got nearly 1,150 pageviews PER VISITOR this past month. Compared to any blog you know of, that's a completely different universe of views per person. Each view of a photo counts as a hit, each view of a profile, each click of a link leading back into Facebook – all of that counts. It all counts for their ads, too, making Facebook a very, very rich company. Another thing to note here is that DoubleClick does not release information on hits to adult websites, other ad networks, and various Google sites – one way or another though, Facebook has just GOTTA be king.

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