Facebook Q3 2013 earnings have company grow by leaps and bounds

This afternoon Facebook's financial Q3 report included word that the company was running up on expectations for growth, beating both 3-month and 6-month totals over the 2012 season at this time. This earnings report included word from CEO Mark Zuckerberg that "the next phase of our company" was ready to unfurl. Facebook's report began with word that they'd also attained a powerful 728 daily active users on average for the month of September, an increase of 25% compared to the same period in 2012.

According to Facebook's results, revenue for this third quarter of the year here in 2013 brought on a 60% increase from the same quarter last year. This means that Facebook's $1.26 billion in revenue for Q3 of 2012 was given a thump on the head by Q3 of 2013, coming in with a revenue of $2.02 billion. This revenue comes in a big way from advertising which accounted for $1.80 billion of the total for this period.

Facebook's monthly active users came up to 1.19 million as of September 30th of 2013, this accounting for an increase of 18% year-over-year. Mobile-specific monthly users rang up to 874 million this period in 2013 while daily average users using mobile devices on Facebook averaged out to be 507 million.

""For nearly ten years, Facebook has been on a mission to connect the world. The strong results we achieved this quarter show that we're prepared for the next phase of our company, as we work to bring the next five billion people online and into the knowledge economy." – Mark Zuckerberg

Revenue generation continues to be largely USA-based, while Europe is appearing to grow at a steady rate, currently accounting for about a quarter of Facebook's overall total. The USA accounts for nearly half, while Asia and the rest of the world combined take the final quarter of the pie. In the end, it's a massive third-quarter net income of $425 million the company is proud to announce here at the end of October, this up from a loss of $59 million USD one year ago this same quarter.

VIA: Facebook