Facebook partners up with Bing to provide search results in Graph Search

Facebook just introduced its newest feature, Graph Search, where you're provided with specific, catered searches of friends on Facebook and their respective interests and likes. However, CEO Mark Zuckerberg just pulled a "one more thing" trick on us and announced that Facebook is partnering up with Bing to bring web search results to Graph Search.

Zuckerberg already described the difference between Facebook's Graph Search and traditional web search, noting that the two are completely different as far as what kind of results appear, but to cover all bases, Facebook is partnering up with Microsoft's Bing, which will provide web search results for search queries that aren't in Graph Search.

Essentially, the Bing partnership will allow Facebook to slightly jump into the web search realm without fully committing itself. So, for queries about the local weather, users will get relevant results in Graph Search thanks to Bing. Zuckerberg says he doesn't see Facebook as an exclusive web search tool for users, but the company wants to "provide good search results in Graph Search."

The beta version of Graph Search is rolling out today, and it'll start slow. Then, as more info is indexed, the feature will roll out more widely and quickly. As of right now, there's no word on how slowly or quickly the beta will roll out — execs say that it all depends how well the beta program is going. For now, there don't seem to be any plans for an API, but Zuckerberg didn't completely rule it out.