Facebook "Other" Message Inbox makes us realize how addicted we are

Very recently Facebook introduced a feature you may not have noticed, but will very likely have you flipping your lid when you see it for yourself for the first time – a "Social Inbox" as they call it, sorting your messages into two categories, making you miss a massive amount of connections if you do not make that extra click. An interesting source of people responding to the news of this extra inbox comes from Slate where everything from returned wallets to finding a lost father of twins have popped up in that extra "Other" box, enraging users who feel they weren't sufficiently informed about it. Now the question is this: should Facebook have made a greater effort to tell you that you had a new place to click if you wanted to get messages from strangers?

What do you think, ladies and gentlemen? Since Facebook is without a doubt a site that is at once completely free and compulsory to use yet for many is impossible to set aside, does Facebook have the same duty as Spiderman? That duty is of course "with great power comes great responsibility," for those of you without a memory for the movie or the most popular comic book series of all time. In that "Other" box may well be your ticket to a new relationship, a contact offering you a billion dollar payout, or a grandmother you never knew you had!

On the other hand, just as many people have responded saying they've got nothing but spam in that Other folder, so it's just as well its separated now. Before this change, all messages were added to the same folder, and people like yours truly had messages galore from people feeling like contacting me was much better than leaving a comment on SlashGear, for example. I for one am glad of this new folder situation. Let us know what you've found once you get into it!