Facebook Moments has killed off Photo Sync

In June, Facebook introduced a new app called Moments, which enables users to create a private gallery comprising multiple users' photos. Before Moments arrived, though, Facebook rolled out a feature called Photo Sync back in 2012 — with it, Facebook would automatically upload one's photos into a private album for faster sharing with other users. Now that Moments has arrived, Facebook is going to kill off Photo Sync.

All things considered, Moments offers more functionality than Photo Sync and makes it easier to find pictures you might want that others took during a mutual event. The issue with it, at least in some users' eyes, is that it is a separate app, and so it necessitates another download and another spot on what may be a storage-limited device.

Facebook has been sure to hawk Moments at users for the past handful of months, and now users are seeing a notification that photo sync will soon be no more, encouraging them to fill its absence by downloading Moments. According to the notification, the transition will take place on January 10, leaving less than a month.

Most users will probably make the transition, grumbling aside, just as they did when a separate Messenger app came to fruition. Those staunch rebels who refuse to put another separate Facebook app on their phone will have the alternative option of downloading their previously synced photos as a zip file or deleting them.

SOURCE: TechCrunch