Facebook rolls out Photo Sync to easily share photos over the web

A couple weeks ago, Facebook began rolling out a new feature on iOS called Photo Sync for a select number of users. It essentially is a service that automatically uploads photos that you take on your phone to a private web album. From there, you can select what photos you want to share with friends and family quickly and easily. Facebook is announcing that the feature will be rolling out to everyone.

The feature will begin rolling out today, so you may not see it right away, but possibly within the next few days. The new service is essentially like Apple's Photo Stream, where it automatically sends images from your smartphone to a private album in the cloud. Then, you can simply tick a box on each image to make it public and share with friends and family.

The feature will be compatible with both iOS and Android, so most smartphone owners will have access to the new service. However, we're interested in seeing how popular it'll get. For those who use Facebook often and enjoy sharing photos on the social network, the new feature will no doubt be of good use.

However, for those who just want a service that automatically uploads photos from your smartphone to the cloud will most likely look elsewhere. Most iOS users will no doubt lean towards iCloud's Photo Stream while avid Dropbox users will spring for the could service's own automatic uploading feature.