Facebook rolls out iOS Photo Sync trial to first users

Uploading photos from your phone to social networks can sometimes be a pain, but today Facebook is looking to make the process a bit easier for some iOS users. The company has rolled out a trial of its new Photo Sync feature, which allows users sync the photos saved on their phone to their Facebook profile. This means no more messing around with uploading – once you take your photo, it'll be immediately uploaded to Facebook.

That, obviously, could cause a hairy situation for those who don't always take the most flattering (or legal) shots with the camera on their phone, but luckily Facebook has implemented a safeguard that prevents private photos from being seen by the public. The synced images are saved to a private part of your Facebook photos section, so even if a private photo manages to wind up on Facebook, it won't be seen by anyone else until you give the okay.

This means that you'll have to access your Facebook profile to decide which photos to share and which to keep hidden from unintended eyes, and the company says you can do this from desktop, mobile, or other devices. It's mostly similar to the Android version of Photo Sync, but only a select few will get to give Photo Sync a spin on iOS starting out. In order to preview the feature, you'll need to have the most recent version of the Facebook iOS app, and your device needs to be running iOS 6.

Facebook says that it will attempt to sync photos as you take them, but you can choose to only sync when you're connected to a Wi-Fi network if you're worried that all of those photo uploads will inflate your data bill. You can also turn Photo Sync off entirely if you'd rather have total control over which images get uploaded to your Facebook profile. The first few folks should be getting this feature soon, but at the moment, we don't have a date for when it will launch for the rest of the Facebook iOS users. Stay tuned.

[via Redmond Pie; via Facebook]