Facebook Messenger updated for iPhone 5

The Facebook environment on iOS for iPhone has been bumped upward once again with the Messenger app grabbing an update with a whole new user interface. If you're the type of person who loves to message back and forth with friend via Facebook and have never tried the stand-alone app for iOS, now's a better time than ever before! You'll be getting favorites integration, better performance than with any version that's come before, and the whole thing just looks a bit better – as it always does each time it's updated.

This update brings both the iPhone and the iPod touch up to a new generation while the iPad will just have to wait a bit longer. On that note, you might also want to note that this version still does not include one of the only plusses that the Android version has over iOS: in-app SMS messaging integration from the rest of your phone. You've got a fully updated user interface here that does bring the app up to the already lovely looking Android version of the app, but SMS integration still does not exist.

It's odd then that recent reports have Facebook developers being forced to use Android devices until their main Android app is up to snuff – or at least up to the quality that the iPhone version is. It would appear that the Messenger app does not live in the same universe. This version of the app is optimized for iOS 6 as well, and will be making full use of your iPhone 5 screen size.

The favorites list will more than likely be your most-loved feature here, with everyone's massive cross-section of friends, colleagues, and business contacts quite often lending itself to a less than optimal friend-finding experience. Add your buddies to a smaller list and make the whole thing streamlined! This app is available for download or update in the iTunes app store right this minute – grab it now!