Facebook is testing out a new button

It seems like Facebook is just testing out a whole bunch of new features, and it doesn't look like it has any intention of stopping anytime soon. Today, it was discovered that Facebook is testing out a new button on the desktop version of its service. The new button appears on the top right of your Facebook page, right next to your profile link. The button pops up the "How are you feeling" post-a-status screen.

The button was first discovered by Mashable's Alex Fitzpatrick. The button appears to be rolling out to a small test group, and it's still up in the air about whether or not this button will be rolled out to the rest of Facebook's users. It allows users to update their status no matter which page they're on. So if you're on your friend's Facebook page, and you just thought of something you want to send to the entirety of your Facebook friends list, you can just click the button to update your status.

Many people are speculating that Facebook is borrowing its features from Twitter. The button looks awfully similar to Twitter's "Compose a tweet" button, especially with the pop-up button over a faded background. Facebook also renamed its "subscribers" to "followers", and is planning on implementing a hashtag feature in its service soon, a feature that was popularized by Twitter.

Alongside the upcoming addition of the "post-a-status" button, Facebook has also added an update to Facebook Events. Event planners, as well as event attendees, will now be able to see the weather conditions for their upcoming events. Facebook is also rolling out a new feature to Facebook Pages that organizes comments in more simple, threaded conversations. Facebook has been constantly testing out new features this month, so it'll be interesting what else will pop out in the next few days.

[via Mashable]