Facebook Events now show weather forecasts

Brian Sin - Mar 23, 2013, 5:38pm CDT
Facebook Events now show weather forecasts

Facebook has updated its Events feature to include weather forecasts. The weather forecasts only begin to appear when the event is happening within the next 10 days, however, but its a nifty little feature that should aid when planning a get-together. When you’re creating a Facebook event, the weather forecast should appear right below the “When” section.

This new feature rolled out to both the desktop and the mobile version of Facebook. Users will be able to see the highest and lowest predicted temperatures of the day, so that they can dress accordingly. This will be perfect for outdoor events, so you’ll know in advance whether or not you’ll need to bring an umbrella, a jacket, or if you should just avoid the event altogether. The app also helps event planners know if they need to relocate or reschedule the event.

This new feature is all part of Facebook’s new renovation. It wants to make all of the information you need available from its social network. Along with the addition of weather forecasts, Facebook is set to roll out a new newsfeed to all of its users. The revamed newsfeed is much more cleaner and appealing. It expands even more on organization, and it is more integrated with certain apps.

Facebook has made a lot of changes in the past month to its service. In the near future, the service may also be implementing hashtags. The hashtags will be used in conjunction with trends and events. It will operate almost exactly like it does on Twitter. Users can click on the hashtag to see various statuses and events centered around the topic. We should be seeing Facebook’s revamped newsfeed, hashtags, and several other changes coming to Facebook within the next few weeks.

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