Facebook improves mobile app install ads for developers

Facebook has improved its mobile app install ads service to allow developers to reach a much more specific user base with their ads. The mobile install ads service is a great tool for developers to make their mobiles apps more well known to the world. Many developers have seen their mobile apps downloads increase phenomenally after using the service. Social Quantum, an international game developer, saw its app become the #5 grossing app in the US within less than a month after using the service.

With the new and improved features for the service, developers are now able to target more specific mobile users. They can create ads that target only the specific versions of Android and iOS devices. So if they only want to target users who have iOS 5 devices, or Android 4.2 Jelly Bean devices, they can now do so. Developers can also target their ads towards a more general category as well, such as "Only Android 2.3 users and up". They can also choose to only target users with WiFi only devices, such as iPod Touches, Android tablets, and iPads.

The updated mobile app install ads service can be used in conjunction with Facebook's Ads Create Tool. The tool provides all of the customizations in the previous paragraph, along with other options to select from. For example, you can choose to direct your mobile app install ads to only one gender, to only people with specific interests, or even only to people who satisfy a specific criteria (such as having a family).

These new features will most definitely be a great draw for many developers, especially the game developers that Facebook very desperately wants. Facebook wants to attract as many game developers to its network as possible. It wants to create a powerful gaming network that will appeal to casual and hardcore gamers alike. Facebook enticed developers by showing off how much money developers made off its network, and how many users interacted with their apps.

[via Facebook]