Facebook game developers made $2.8B in 2012

Executives from Facebook have revealed that game developers generated around $2.8 billion in revenue last year. Sean Ryan, Facebook's Director of Game Partnerships, spoke at the Game Developers Conference trying to entice more developers to join Facebook's gaming platform. Ryan stated, "Anywhere in the games business we are investing heavily." Ryan rolled out a bunch of impressive statistics to get more developers on board.

The statistics showed that over 250 million people play games on Facebook each month, and that 20% of all Facebook desktop users play games daily on Facebook. In the last month alone, Facebook redirected 263 million clicks to Apple's App Store and Android's Google Play store. Since last year, game installations has increased by 75%. Over 200 games on Facebook now each have over 1 million monthly active users. Over 100 developers generated over $1 million last year. There has been a 24% increase of players who pay to play games on Facebook compared to last year.

Facebook is looking to draw even more players to its gaming platform. It's launching a series of high-end games that it believes will attract even the hardcore gamers. These new games will feature higher-quality graphics, intensive gameplay, and more riveting storylines. They will be completely different than Facebook's current offering of games like Farmville and Bejeweled.

Facebook is pursuing many routes in order to generate as much revenue as possible. Along with creating a more stronger gaming network, the company is also pursuing new marketing methods that may be able to help it generate more than the $4 million a day it already generates from sponsored stories. One of the new methods is targeted ads placed straight into your newsfeed. There will most likely be more changes coming down the line, so stay tuned.

[via Facebook]