Facebook Home revealed: a family of apps for any Android device

This week Facebook has revealed a software experience for any Android device they call "Home." This experience is a family of apps for any Android device that's been teased to work on not just the HTC device we've already been teased with, but any Android device you've got in your pocket right now. This system is build around people, not apps, as Zuckerberg spoke about, and is not a full re-work of Android.

With Cover Feed you'll be seeing a selection of updates from your Friends. You've also got notifications as you'd have gotten before (if you'd had Facebook's app working with notifications to Android), but here it'll be appearing right from your Android lockscreen. This system is at it's base a real Facebook-centric world for your Android smartphone.

With Home you'll also have access to your normal Android apps. Your lockscreen shows you and your Facebook updates – one swipe up from your Facebook profile image and you've got your normal Android apps. Each of these apps load normally, using your smartphone as they normally would. One swipe back downward and you're back to the lockscreen.

Chat Heads is a messaging system that takes on the full messaging world inside Facebook and applies the Home aesthetic. This system will be your one-stop-shop for talking to your friends on Facebook.

This is part of an ever-expanding world for Facebook on your smartphone that'll be shown all day long here on SlashGear and through our own Android Hub – grab all the info you need there!