Facebook Home hitting Jailbroken iPhones: Chat Heads first

Chris Burns - Apr 18, 2013
Facebook Home hitting Jailbroken iPhones: Chat Heads first

Today it’s been announced that those working with a Jailbroken iPhone out there in the wild may soon be able to work with the still limited-to-Android Facebook Home feature Chat Heads. While the newest version of Facebook for iOS does include an in-app iteration of the Chat Heads feature for messaging, the build announced today (by unofficial sources, of course), will allow Chat Heads to appear universally, just as it is with Android.

If you’ll take a peek at our review of Facebook Home as it exists inside Android, you’ll find that the “appear anywhere” feature included in what Facebook calls “Chat Heads” might just be the most universally user-friendly feature of the bunch. While Facebook Home exists as a full home screen replacement app, Facebook Messenger allows you to see messages while you’re inside (or outside) any given app, even if it’s not Facebook.

Have a peek at Facebook’s Chat Heads push to iOS for your iPhone and you’ll find slightly less all-inclusive engagement. Unfortunately this iOS version will still not have the SMS integration available in the Android iteration. Speaking with The Verge, the creator of this particular hack, Adam Bell, confirmed that the process itself isn’t very power-hungry. Bell noted that only when you’re actually literally interacting with the head does it drain power in any notable way – good news!

You’ll be able to access the build that’s making this Chat Heads freedom possible through Adam Bell’s connection to GitHub over the next few days – can’t wait! Meanwhile have a peek in SlashGear’s jailbreak tag hub for more goodies for your hacked-up iPhone. Let us know what you’re into!

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