Facebook event to reveal "real" Android app (not a phone)

If you've been following the Facebook press events that have occurred over the past couple of years, you know one thing is rather apparent: they love to hold press conferences. Zuckerberg and the Facebook crew have held press conferences for everything from the opening bell on their IPO top an announcement about possible Facebook couponing. Here's the long and short it, it being the April 4th Facebook event: if Facebook wanted to make a Facebook phone, they wouldn't do it like this.

We've seen the Facebook phone already. It's been released by HTC more than once, and rumors of a phone such as this have been swirling for years. The reason people are pumped up about discussing such a device isn't because they want one, it's because the idea is so absurd. Why in god's name would someone create a smartphone dedicated to one single service?

[aquote]Anyone for an HTC ChaCha?[/aquote]

Instead you've got a Facebook event coming up that will address the fact that there's been no acceptably solid release of a Facebook app for Android thus far in the social network's history. What we'll see is a presentation about 1 hour long with several top Facebook developers talking about how this version of Facebook for Android will be a real, dedicated, just as good as iOS release. And we'll all go home wondering why Facebook didn't just send out a press release instead.

Have a peek at the iOS version of Facebook today, then have a look at the Android version of Facebook, then you'll know what's being released at the upcoming event. Let us know if you think otherwise!