Facebook delves into online garage sales with improved search

If you're looking for used furniture or electronics online, after checking Craigslist and eBay, you might want to take a look at Facebook for that second-hand gaming console. Facebook is reportedly testing a new search feature that will make it easier to browse through Facebook sales. The social network's lack of listing fees is already making it an attractive destination for sellers. The real question is if improved searches will be enough to sway buyers away from verified sellers on places like eBay and Amazon.

Recently Facebook added the feature allowing users to make "for sale groups", adding locations, prices, and photo description to their posts. This made each of their posts more like eBay listings than Newsfeed posts.

The latest addition lets users search for sale items across multiple user groups, and opens up public groups to sales searches. This means that instead of inspecting various sales groups for a good deal on an apartment, you can search them all in one fell swoop.

Prior to this, there was a closer connection between buyers and sellers on Facebook. By opening searches to unknown user groups, Facebook is pushing its six degrees of separation to the max. Without a tested seller verification system, like eBay, Facebook can't ensure genuine purchases. So for now, it might be better to stick with a site known for its shopping selection instead of its social network.

Source: The Next Web