Facebook Collab sign-ups released: A TikTok clone opportunity

Today Facebook announced an app called Collab. This app will allow people to "make music together, while we're apart." Imagery for the app includes split-screen self-recorded videos of people playing music, inside a rectangle roughly the dimensions of your average smartphone. This app will be released in waves, with a sign-up sheet and a line out the door for invites.

This system was created in part by the NPE team at Facebook. NPE Services at Facebook includes "new or distinctive user experiences in the form of apps, bots or other services." Per the Collab sign-up page, the Collab app was "Made with love by the NPE Team from Facebook."

The creators at NPE with Facebook describe Collab as an app that's made to create and share "Collabs". Collabs, as they call them, are three independent videos that are "playing in sync." They've suggested that "no musical experience is required" and that you can "create your own arrangement by adding in your own recording or by swiping and discovering an arrangement to complete your composition."

Oddly, it would appear that the creators at Collab are OK with Collabs being shared on multiple social networks. They've suggested that you can share "yours or others' creations to Instagram, Facebook Stories, or any other platform, with just a few taps."

For now, Collab is an invite-only app for iOS. It'll likely be launched for Android, too, at some point, but like most Facebook apps, the iPhone and/or iPad is prioritized over the entirety of the Android universe. The first people that'll be allowed to use Collab will be residents of the United States and Canada. They've suggested they'll "be opning up invites in batches" as they "continue to improve the experience."