Facebook buys 750 IBM patents for defense against Yahoo

Cory Gunther - Mar 22, 2012
Facebook buys 750 IBM patents for defense against Yahoo

In cased you missed the news regarding Yahoo’s desperate attempts to sue Facebook for patent infringement, that is exactly what they are doing. Yahoo’s social network and advertising patents have been heading up this attempt but according to Bloomberg Facebook just purchased some solid defense.

Bloomberg states that Facebook has purchased around 750 patents and intellectual property from IBM that will help boost their defenses and possibly allow for counter attacks to help slow down the battle with Yahoo. According to sources close to the matter these patents include various technologies such as software and networking but nothing specific was released.

The deal hasn’t been made public just yet but we expect to learn more soon regarding the acquisition by Facebook. Currently they only have around 50+ issued patents with over 500 pending. Once this deal goes through they’ll instantly have over 800 in their back pocket to fight off Yahoo, and anyone else that seeks to take them to court this year.

Facebook was targeted 22 times last year in lawsuits. Adding 750 from IBM should help fight off the crowds and their picket signs. IBM seems to be doing quite will with these patents, as they sold well over 1000 to Google last year, and 23 more earlier this year. IBM has one of the largest treasure chests of patents and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

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