Facebook Birthday Cam wants you to interact more with your friends

Facebook knows that you probably aren't interacting much with your friends when it comes to their birthdays. All most of us do is type "Happy Birthday" on their timeline when Facebook prompts us that it's time for their birthday. Facebook wants to change that impersonal birthday interaction and is giving friends a new tool to use called Birthday Cam.

Birthday Cam encourages people to make you videos rather than simple wall posts. The Birthday Cam feature launched this week on iOS versions of the Facebook app. With this feature, there will be a banner on the page of the friend with the birthday on that day and it will invite you to make a video message that is up to 15 seconds long. The feature allows users to add special birthday frames to the video before you share it to a friend's wall.

Each video that is made for the birthday boy or girl will be posted separately to the wall of the user. It might make more sense to wrap them all up sort of like the annoying year in review videos that Facebook makes automatically. That would make it easier for the birthday person to see all the greetings.

Something else unclear at the moment is if the birthday person will be able to remove the videos if someone puts something embarrassing or inappropriate on their wall. There is no word on when the feature might come to Android users. It has become common for Facebook to add new features to only one version of the app. Recently Android users received the ability to use multiple accounts on the Messenger app. This feature will make it easier for you to use a friends or spouses device to message someone in a pinch if your device is dead or lost.

SOURCE: Techcrunch