Facebook baking iPhone 6s' 3D Touch in your timeline

Facebook has further baked Apple's 3D Touch into its app for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, adding pressure-sensitivity to your timeline. The added functionality, which takes advantage of the new touchscreen technology Apple introduced with the latest versions of its smartphone last year, builds on the Facebook app for iOS' 3D Touch-enabled quick actions from the homescreen.

That was added back in October 2015, but this latest version brings the Peek and Pop controls into the Facebook app itself.

For instance, a light press on a Facebook profile or story will summon a preview floating on top of the existing view. Let go, and it will disappear without losing your place; press harder, and it'll open up fully.

The new gestures work for links, profiles, Pages, Groups, Events, photos, profile pictures, and cover photos.

As for the quick actions, there'll be a new one there, too, which will jump straight into the user's own timeline.

Facebook plans to roll out the new 3D Touch implementation from today, starting with a small group and then expanding support over the next few months.