Facebook Android app adds HD video upload support

Facebook is making a change that lots of people out there will be thrilled to hear. Support for HD video uploading is finally coming to the Facebook app for Android users. This is something that many Android users have been bitter about lacking for a while as the iOS app has offered a toggle for uploading HD videos for a long time.

The Android app now has an "Upload videos in HD" toggle below the option to upload photos in HD. The HD video toggle appears to be something that has been widely rolled out, so you should have it in your Android app now. The Android HD video isn't the only change made to the app. Facebook is now supporting system-wide picture-in-picture video.

This PiP feature does require you to give facebook the "draw over other apps" permission. Another new update coming to the app is the ability to download videos for offline viewing. When supported you will see a download option in with the options for reporting the post, unfollowing the user, and turning on live notifications.

Facebook will also allow you to choose a specific video playback quality, just as YouTube allows. Perhaps your network won't support a HD stream or you just want to save data, but you want better than standard quality video, you can now choose your resolution.

Notifications have also been tweaked allowing you to move up and down the notification list by pressing the arrows at the top of the notification view. While the HD video uploads is available for everyone now, it's unclear if the other features are available to all or rolling out slowly. In October, Facebook added the ability for users to stream Facebook video to the TV.

SOURCE: Android Police