Facebook acquires Moves for fitness tracking

It should be clear at this point that Facebook's acquisitions are not relegated to easily interpreted use-cases for social networking. Announcing today that they'd been acquired by Facebook, the ProtoGeo Oy and their Moves app are "delighted" that they're going to be joining the brand giant.

Noting that there are "no plans to change" their operation as a standalone app or "commingle data with Facebook." This would appear to mean that Moves data – in all its forms – will remain with the ProtoGeo Oy group as it always has.

The team has also made clear that they'll be "joining Facebook's talented team to work on building and improving their products and services." They also note that they'll have a "shared mission of supporting simple, efficient tools" as well.

This purchase appears to be similar to the Oculus VR buy earlier this year in that Facebook's intent does not seem to be to integrate Moves into their own library of apps. Instead, with massive amounts of stock to trade, they're continuing to build their arsenal with much, much more valuable goods: developers and the services they create.

VIA: Moves