Facebook “A Look Back” videos get editing tools

Chris Davies - Feb 7, 2014
Facebook “A Look Back” videos get editing tools

Facebook has added editing tools to its Look Back video feature, allowing users to switch which uploaded photos, most-Liked posts, and other content from their time on the social network get included in the minute long clips. “A Look Back” videos were launched earlier this week as part of the site’s tenth anniversary celebrations, curating a customized highlights video for each user based on their activity. However, many requested the ability to tweak which moments were included, functionality Facebook has just added.

As well as the option to share a Look Back video, there’s now a new “Edit” button as of today. That then gives the option to choose up to three “First Moments”, up to four “Most Liked Posts”, and up to nine uploaded photos.


Finally there’s the chance to choose up to 26 photo grids, and then Facebook cooks them all up together and makes a new cut of the overall video.


The editing tools are rudimentary, with no options to adjust the order that the content shows up, to swap out the music that plays in the background, or add custom titles. Still, if you’re one of the people who found their Look Back video was effectively a recap of all their failed relationships over the past few years, the ability to remove old partners might be enough.

Chatter that Facebook would add video editing support began earlier in the week, with sources claiming that the original intention had been to include the functionality at launch.

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