Facebook launches A Look Back feature to celebrate its 10th birthday

Facebook is celebrating its tenth anniversary this week. To celebrate that anniversary, Facebook has launched a new feature that is designed to highlight some of your best moments from your time on the social network.

The feature takes your most liked pictures and posts and overlays them in a video that plays over background music. The video is automatically generated for you when you hit the special web address for the feature.

You do, obviously, need a Facebook account. The video will show a bunch of the pictures that you have uploaded over time on Facebook as well. The image in the center of the photo collage for the video seems to be your profile picture.

I would imagine the amount of bandwidth that Facebook consumes on the back end rendering this many videos for people is massive. The Look Back feature is available right now via this Facebook.com/lookback address. I don't see a method for sharing the videos that Facebook makes for you.