FAA Approves Drone Use By Hollywood, Sets Precedent

The squabble between those who want to use drones for purposes considered commercial and the FAA, which is working diligently to stamp out all such usage until it gets its regulations ironed out, has taken a new turn. As of today, the agency has approved the commercial use of drones by Hollywood, with some limitations.

According to the New York Times, the Federal Aviation Administration received requests from a total of seven Hollywood companies seeking permission to use drones on filming sets. Of those seven, six of them have been given the go-ahead.

Though seemingly small, this marks a big change on commercial drone usage policy, and sets a precedent for others seeking to use the UAVs for their own purposes. It is hopeful this will quickly pave the way for additional approved commercial uses, which include everything from aiding research to dropping footballs.

The seventh company that petitioned for approved drone usage may also be included at some point, with the NYT reporting that the FAA is still reviewing its application. Under the approval, these media companies are allowed to use drones with cameras on sets closed to the viewing public, with the technician being required to have a pilot's license and each drone having to be inspected before use.

SOURCE: New York Times