Ezra Bridger actor tipped for Star Wars: Ahsoka

We've spoken at length about what we're expecting from several of the new Disney+ shows coming up in the next few years. Today, it would seem, one or more of our theories about the future of the Star Wars universe is far, far more likely. Rumors this week suggest that not only will Ezra Bridger appear in the Star Wars: Ahsoka series – they already seem to have their actor in place to play the part!

In our most recent set of predictions for the future of the Star Wars universe, we took a peek at what'll likely happen to Baby Yoda (aka Grogu) (see featured link). Grogu has some serious potential for the next few years, and his future might well hinge on what happens to Ahsoka and her inevitable meeting with Grand Admiral Thrawn.

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Last we saw Grand Admiral Thrawn, he was sent to the furthest reaches of the galaxy on the same ship as Ezra Bridger. This occurred in the Rebellion era, just before Star Wars: Rogue One and Star Wars: A New Hope. In The Mandalorian, we found that Ahsoka was alive and well, and on a search for Grand Admiral Thrawn.

At the tail end of Rebels, Ahsoka was setting out on a search for Ezra. Since Ezra and Grand Admiral Thrawn's whereabouts are inextricably linked, it only made sense for Ahsoka to seek out the more well-known of the two, one of the most important figures in the entire Galactic Empire: Thrawn.

According to Kessel Run Transmissions, Disney's made a "verbal agreement" with an actor to play Ezra. If what they've come to learn is true, the star of the live action Aladdin movie, Mena Massoud, will play the part of Ezra, who will appear in action in the Star Wars: Ahsoka series in the next couple of years on Disney+. Exciting times are here again!