Eyelight Dot Me watches from your ceiling [Video]

Paranoiacs and the easily intimidated, look away now; the Eyelight Dot Me may just be a lighting prototype now, but one day it could be following you around your home.  Designed by Simon Schiessl and Felix Hardwood Beck, the light uses an array of LEDs to create a moving eye suspended from your ceiling; if it spots movement, it spotlights that person in a cone of bright light.Video demo of the Eyelight prototype after the cut

Usually, though, it  simply looks around, trying to pick out people or other movement.  While scaring those made anxious at being watched is one use for it, it could also be a handy source of task-lighting, creating a pool of light that automatically follows you around the room.

The prototype is made up of 192 individual white LEDs, two 16-channel LED drivers and a RISC microcontroller that gobbles up the information from six narrow-angle PIR sensors and controls the eye animation and the lighting.  It screws into a standard bulb fitting.  No word, though, on whether we can expect to see a commercial version made available.

Eyelight overview:

First Eyelight prototype:

[via Designboom]