Eye-Toy to bring card games alive

Chris Davies - May 3, 2007, 4:50 pm CDT

Personally I’ve never really seen the point of card games unless they help you get your friends naked, but there are some for whom ripping open a pack of the latest trading cards fills them with more glee than Elton John faced with a lovely new wig.  Even for them, though, there must be a time when the threat of paper cuts and too many duplications for even the most rabid of swapping sessions overshadows the fun; aiming to introduce a new level of glee is SCEJ and their forthcoming PS3 game The Eye Judgement which, when cards are shown to the new Eye-Toy webcam, conjures up a virtual warrior on-screen.

PS3 game

Coming to Japan in the next few months, it’s another attempt to add a virtual element to real-world gaming.  Whether that’s something gamers actually want remains to be seen, of course – the handy thing about card-based games is that you can keep them in your pocket and whip them out whenever you’ve got a spare few minutes with your mates, which is trickier to do when you’re trying to fit a PS3, Eye-Toy with stand and 32-inch LCD TV in there too – and there’s little else known about other slightly important things like, oh, you know, gameplay beyond some nicely rendered warriors.

Still, it’s a cool concept and, despite the fact that I’ll never play it, I look forward to hearing more about it in the run up to release.

The Eye Judgement, third eye vision on PS3 [Akihabara News]

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