Eye-Fi Mobi allows photographers to wirelessly send images to iOS and Android

Eye-Fi, provider of SD cards that allow users to wirelessly transfer images, did some research and discovered two things: the first is that people want to wirelessly transfer photos from their camera to their mobile device, and the second is that they would more often use their camera if they could do this. Such data compelled Eye-Fi to create the Mobi card, which it has just announced.

Eye-Fi says the Mobi card replaces a digital camera's standard SD card, and that after inserting it two more "simple steps" are required before users can wirelessly transfer images from their camera to their iOS or Android mobile device. It doesn't specify what those steps are, although we're guessing one of them is downloading the Eye-Fi app from your respective app store and installing it, and the other is virtually identifying your device so the camera knows where to send things.

The Eye-Fi Mobi is aimed at being simple to use, with that being hailed as one of its best features. Users are not required to create an account or to have a computer, and cloud usage isn't needed. Once the app is downloaded and the card is paired with the app, images can be transferred to your mobile device of choice. Likewise, there is no limit on the number of mobile devices you can pair with the Mobi card, meaning your smartphone and tablet and any others you have can all receive images.

Obviously, the full quality of images and videos that are stored on the Eye-Fi Mobi are transferred to the mobile device, something that is done automatically, no fiddling necessary. The Mobi will hit shelves soon, but is already available online in 8GB and 16GB capacities for $49.99 and $79.99, respectively.

Eye-Fi's CEO Matt DiMaria said: "Unfortunately, smartphones fall short for life's many moments that require zooming, high-speed shooting, low light and other features that make digital cameras superior. Mobi is our simplest card yet, designed to provide photo lovers a no-compromises solution: the great quality pictures and videos of a digital camera and instant access on the smartphone to enjoy and share."