Eye-Fi announce 3 new WiFi SD cards: hotspots and geotagging

Eye-Fi have announced an update to their range of WiFi-equipped SD memory cards. Now split into three models – Explore, Share and Home – various degrees of hotspot and geotagging are on offer. The top-end Explore sees Eye-Fi partner with hotspot company Wayport, allowing for automatic photo uploads in around 10,000 US hotspots. It also supports Skyhook's pseudo-GPS WiFi triangulation system to give each image location data.

The Share is basically the same as the existing Eye-Fi card, with automatic synchronization with a PC and uploads direct to Flickr. Meanwhile the Home brings the Eye-Fi hardware to a lower price-point, without automatic Flickr uploads or hotspot use. The actual hardware remains the same as the first-generation Eye-Fi, so you get WiFi b/g and 2GB of storage; check out our review roundup for opinions on that model.

Available June 6th, the Explore will be priced at $129, the Share at $99 and the Home at $79. However only 12 months Wayport subscription is included with the Explore, although Eye-Fi claim to be in talks with other hotspot providers for longer partnerships that may not demand a fee). Existing users are also left short; the new features are only available to buyers of the updated models.

[via Gizmodo]