Exploding Kittens, Oatmeal creator made another masterfully weird game

The mind behind The Oatmeal and the wildly successful card game and video game Exploding Kittens created another game. This new game also has a lot to do with cats. This game is called Kitty Letters, and it's a mix between a couple of classic concepts. On one hand, it's all about unscrambling words with a given set of letters. On the other hand, it's about attacking your enemies with armies of cats.

This game is free, and can be downloaded on iOS and Android. There are (of course) some in-app purchases available, but they absolutely are not necessary in order to win or play the game. You can summon packs of wild cats at your leisure for ages unending.

The game was created by Matthew Inman (of The Oatmeal) and Matt Wood. Per Inman, this game is like "Scrabble combined with Clash Royale." One alternate title one might have for it is "words with enemies" – per the suggestion from Inman. The graphics are super simple, the gameplay is easy to grasp, the cats can be found in abundance.

There are two modes in this game, including a versus mode and a campaign mode. If you're interested in defeating your friends with loads of cats, versus mode should be ready to roll for you immediately. If you're looking for a 1-player campaign, Kitty Letter delivers an experience that you may be surprised doesn't cost a boatload of cash.

This game can be found in the Apple app store for iPhone and iPad. You can also find this app in the Google Play Store for Android devices of all sorts. You'll also find Exploding Kittens in either app store by selecting other apps by the same developer. Take a peek at the timeline below for more about the first game from this same creator, in app and physical card form.