SlashGear Exclusive - First Video of Zero for Rock Band

I just got word yesterday that in this week's DLC for Rock Band we'll be seeing Zero from the Smashing Pumpkins. I've been waiting around to hear this news for a very long time. Sure, I'm a huge Pumpkins fan, but that's not why. I've known about this particular song being being included in the game since I visited Harmonix last November. As a special weekend treat, I give you the first ever gameplay video of Zero for Rock Band after the jump.

You'll note that the quality of the footage isn't great, and the position of the camera is even worse. I really do apologize for this, but we were short on time, and weren't able to properly setup our equipment before rocking out.

I'm over on the right rocking bass, my brother Eric is on the left covering your view of his lead guitar stylings and John Drake is rocking the drums. I don't know if you guys have met John (you can see a previous interview with him here), but he actually plays the drums for a couple of bands, and will rock your socks of if you get the chance to play with him.

I loved playing this song, it's been one of my favorite songs since Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness came out and it's a blast to play. There's one other song that we were able to play during our visit to the Star Chamber, however if I told you what it was, John would have to kill me.