Ex-MeeGo VP Joins Palm With Samsung R&D Boss Tip Insiders

Executive positions at the big mobile makers are a little like musical chairs: the same people just keep circulating.  According to AllThingsD, Ari Jaaksi – who left his position as Nokia's MeeGo division head earlier this month – has joined HP as Senior Vice President of webOS.  Meanwhile ex-Samsung R&D boss Victoria Coleman has also jumped ship to the Palm division, where she will now be overseeing platform and app development for future versions of webOS.

There are also some reasonably high-profile internal shifts within HP, as consumer apps, worldwide sales and product development in Palm all get new blood pulled from elsewhere in the new owners' ranks.  No confirmation as yet from Jaaksi that the "personal reasons" he cited as his motivation for leaving Nokia were, in fact, a desire for a Palm Pre, but if true we're guessing this will all go public very soon.