EX¹ circuit printer hits Kickstarter goal on first day

Kickstarter has been home to a decent number of runaway successes, with Pebble being one of the first and The Mighty No.9 being one of the most recent. We wrote about the EX1 circuit printer earlier today, and at the time it was nearing in on its goal quickly, having already raised over half of its $30k goal. Fast-forward a few hours, and within its first day the entire project has been funded nearly twice over.

As of the writing of this article, the Kickstarter sits at $51,682 USD of its $30,000 USD goal, with today being the first day of its 30 day fundraiser. The project ends on December 11, and at the rate it is going, will likely have more than doubled its goal. Thus far, 5 backers have pledged for the third-highest amount possible, at $1999 or higher for the experimenter's kit.

The EX1 is created by Cartesian Co., and makes printing out a circuit board far easier and quicker than is presently possible. The idea behind the invention is very similar to that of 3D printing, in that it utilizes silver nano particles that are layered onto just about any surface for the quick creation of a circuit. Because of this, you can print a circuit on just about any medium.

The company says they have printed circuits onto silicone, fabric, wood, glass, ceramic, plastic, and paper, among others. The printer itself is small, weighing in at a touch over 13 pounds and measuring in at 17 x 12.6 x 6.7 inches. Thus far, the first round of shipping is set to take place in July, with test printers being run as soon as this coming January.

SOURCE: Kickstarter